Minimum requirements

Damage Dealers
Monk (Oatixur / Rigor Baghnakhs) + Thaumus
Dark Knight (Senbaak Nagan / Bereaver) + Phorcys
Warrior (Razorfury / Bloodbath Axe) + Phorcys

All damage dealers are expected to carry the following:
  • Relevant sTP sets
  • Optimal haste setups
  • Accuracy setups for higher level content
  • PDT set
  • Different food for a variety of situations
  • Re-raise

Other exceptionally geared jobs will be considered.

Paladin (Ochain) - Aegis a plus

White Mage


Bard (Daurdabla 90+) - Gjallarhorn a plus

All supports are expected to carry the following:
  • Cure potency sets (Arka IV mandatory for WHM and SCH)
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